The Real Work Starts Before the Project Does

Pre-construction, we believe, is when the work really begins. The foundation for any project is the phase when competitive bids are weighed against the plan, and the key players are decided upon through a negotiated bid process.

Comprehensive Bid Proposals
Value Engineering
Negotiated Bid Process

D+H approaches projects like a partner. I’ve found their detailed bid-proposal document really helpful on all the projects we’ve worked on, and have never gotten anything like it from another contractor. 

Lauren Brewer, Owner's Representative
Lauren Brewer Associates

D+H’s willingness to work with the architect, project manager, property management, and consultants for almost a year prior to the start of construction helped the project greatly.

Barbara Sanders
Barbara Sanders & Associates

D+H proved to be well-organized from the earliest stages of pre-construction with coordination meetings of all appropriate subconstractors, utility companies, etc., and continued so throughout the project with their outstanding scheduling and thorough handling of site meetings and records.

William Bonville
Pyatok Architects
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