Revitalizing the Bay Area’s Affordable Housing Communities

When a rehab project is done, especially one with occupants present throughout the work, there is a tangible sense of the revitalization that has occurred, and of its benefit to the community. We are fully aware that these are sensitive environments, and we aim to make significant improvements while minimizing the impact of construction on the daily lives of a building’s occupants. We know how to assemble the right team of field supervision and construction workers for this sort of important project. An essential part of our process is working in phases, and we organize this by working with owners, who know the properties and their special needs best.

D+H’s willingness to work with the architect, project manager, property management, and consultants for almost a year prior to the start of construction helped the project greatly.

Barbara Sanders
Barbara Sanders & Associates

It’s so satisfying to turnover finished units to tenants. I had a brief experience with a tenant who was moving into their newly refurbished unit and they were so grateful. It felt really good to be a part of giving them a nice, clean place to live.

Kristina Davalos, Assistant Project Manager
D+H Construction

I initially had reservations about working on affordable housing projects, particularly in challenging locations. However, the sense of fulfillment derived from contributing to solving the housing crisis in the Bay Area has been incredibly rewarding. The appreciation from these tenants adds a unique and deeply satisfying dimension to my work, making the experience at D+H truly fulfilling and positive.

Vince Vega, Superintendent
D+H Construction
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