Planning and Collaboration Are Key to Project Success Stories

At D+H, we aim to be your partner throughout the project, and beyond. We believe it’s in everyone’s interest that the collective effort is charted in detail, in order to align efforts and address any outstanding issues. We go the extra mile, emphasizing transparency, and encouraging a sense of mutual responsibility.

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D+H brings a unique and rare combination of consistent, high quality construction and more importantly project coordination. Their ability to deliver quality work according to the stipulated pricing and schedule is unparalleled.

Mike Rogers, Principal
Mike Rogers Development Consulting

D+H excels at quality, organization, and delivery. Simply put, D+H sets the standard for quality construction. 

Michael Hirsch, Construction Manager
Marx Okubo

As I have managed the Eden design and construction process, I have been working with one of the most professional construction companies I have seen in a long time.

Erick Moreau
Weir/Andrewson Associates, Inc.
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