In Our Fifth Decade of Building Places Where People Live and Work
We live in the communities where we build, and we are committed to helping provide housing to those in need, and helping commercial properties get the most out of existing structures. We have area landmarks to our credit, from the Amoeba Records on Haight to the Ellis Gardens apartments in San Francisco. From tenant improvements to ground-up construction, we are always looking for interesting opportunities.
By the Numbers
Number of units we’ve completed
Safety rating (EMR), the best possible for our size company
Bonding capacity
Average years with the company per key personnel
Core Values
We’re putting this top of the list, because it is top of the list. It’s critical because we’re generally working in occupied spaces. This isn’t just about us, or our clients. It’s about residents, first and foremost.
Clients come to think of us as a partner, and rely on us to make the right decision for each and every project. From strategic planning to sudden on-site challenges, we’re successful because we channel our collective experience.
Hard Work
We hesitate to call it hard work because to us it’s just work done right and done thoroughly. Now in its second generation of owners, D+H is dedicated to making the most of every location we build.
Authentic Relationships
We enjoy our work, and we think that’s why our clients often come back with new projects. Between pricing and schedule, we work closely to make every step clear, and we’ve found that sets things up for a really collaborative experience.
Giving Back
Our work is about giving people places to live and work, but we don’t think that’s enough on its own, which is why we regularly engage in philanthropic efforts from volunteering to helping to fund non-profits.
Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
We are committed to creating an environment that celebrates and nurtures a diversity of ideas, cultures, and experiences with both our team members and our partners.
Our Founders
Our Legacy in the Bay Area
In 2018, the last of our founding partners retired, having built a business since 1981 that handles multi-unit construction, from complex rehabs to new construction. In the early days of D+H, Jeff Halperin worked out of the basement office, where he was involved in all aspects of the business operations, while David Deslierres was the lead site superintendent. They bonded as carpenters in the 1970s, before starting families and launching D+H.

As the business developed they moved into a larger office in El Cerrito, where they were able to expand the staff and grow the company, ultimately specializing in multi-family, affordable housing rehabs. David passed away unexpectedly in 2012, and Jeff continued to work until retiring in 2018. The company is now run by Marshall Snow, Jansen Lum, and Jack Halperin, Jeff’s son.
Memberships and Affiliations
We're proud members of and participants in key organizations that keep the construction industry growing and learning.