Ambassador Hotel

The building will undergo a seismic upgrade comprised of a steel horizontal bracing system, new concrete foundations and concrete reinforcing walls, and exposed steel frames adjacent to the rear courtyard brick façade. Existing street facing storefront steel brace frames will be structurally enhanced to strengthen the existing structural deficiencies.

On the interior, 14 units will be converted into 100% accessible apartments to meet or exceed current mobility requirements. All new interior finishes, plumbing fixtures, ventilation, and electrical components will be installed. All units will receive interior finish upgrades, new wet bar and sink, toilet room accessories and plumbing fixtures. Additionally, units will receive electrical upgrades and steam radiant heat improvements. Existing elevators will be modernized, a new roof will be provided, building security and wifi will be upgraded, and a new fire alarm system will be installed. The entry lobby will be remodeled to include two new offices and ADA/UPS compliant mailboxes.

The existing courtyard terrace will be improved for safe and enjoyable use, complete with a new concrete topping slab, egress, and security lighting.

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